Wengen Bars

Crystal Bar
Crystal BarThis is my favourite Wengen bar because it seems to be frequented by locals and tourists alike, and as a bonus they have Weissbier.. It is busy from just after the slopes but quietens down a bit later on when the other bars open. It closes at half past midnight.
Pickel Bar
Pickel BarA small hotel bar (Hotel Eiger) at the lower end of the street. There is a curtain just inside the front door to keep the draught out and it is all light coloured natural wood.
Rocks Bar
Rocks BarMy second favourite, this attracts a younger crowd. They have free wi-fi and a happy hour 9-10pm, strangely only on small beers.
Sina’s Pub
Sina's PubThis place looks exactly like an english pub inside but never gets very busy, I think that's because of its location. It is at the very top end of the main street and up a bank. We didn't find it until the second night. They have an early happy hour, I think either 6 or 7pm.
Tanne Bar
 A small bar towards the top end of the main street on the right. It is popular with the young but the prices are significantly higher than the rest of the bars. For this reason we didn't go in much.
Kleine Scheidegg
TippitainmentA wigwam at the Kleine Scheidegg base station. It is popular with the young because of the music. I prefer the outdoor bar on the other side of the railway tracks though, the view is better. I don't know what it's caled though.
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