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ul Nowy Swiat 64
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Bierhalle (Nowy Swiat)This is a German style brewpub right on Nowy Swiat. They had just three beers on when I went in and to me all of them tasted bland and mass market. I guess the other beers on the menu are just specials, or maybe they brew more in peak season? I don't think it is brewed here though. The pub is waitress service only which was prompt enough when I visited. What they are good at is meals, their range is particularly large and varied, in the German and Polish style (more German though) with various sausages, pork stews etc.. The prices are okay too, similar to what you would pay in England.
al Jana Pawla II 82
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Bierhalle (Jana Pawla)This is the other Bierhalle pub in Warsaw, and they do at least brew here. Unfortunately, as you can see in the photo, the tanks were empty when I got there. This pub is in the "Arkadia" shopping centre on the outskirts of town, you can get there by tram or metro. I went there hoping to sample the other brews on the menu but unfortunately they only had the same three beers on, oh well. It is very popular with the locals but as it is quite a large place on two levels I still managed to find a seat. Go there in the hope that the tanks are full, if not you'll just have to take a photo of the empty tanks like I did.
ul Królewska 1
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BrowarmiaThis place looks modern and uninviting inside (to me) as it is dark angular and modern with subtle blue and red lights. It looks like a restaurant but I didn't see anybody eating, I think the food is served in the back room. The beer is a little more expensive than Bierhalle but it is much better, even the pils is unfiltered. They brew a pils, a stout, a weiss and a interesting beer flavoured with ginger, and all of these are very good. I never tried the food but the menu on their site doesn't look too badly priced for such a posh looking place. Oh, and the barman gave me a piece of apple pie.
Secret Bars
The Old Town is pretty much dead out of season, but on my last night I found out where the locals drink, you'll have to find it yourself though. A clue: travel outwards from the Old Town past Bierhalle and look for an alley on your left. If you go through to the end of the alley and there are lots of bars all next to each other, none of them signed or lit on the outside and all looking like those shops you see on the news in the Middle East (or on rough council estates) with bars on the windows. A clue is the music coming out as someone enters or leaves one bar for the next. Every bar is decorated in a different theme, one was seventies, another bamboo, and one was Middle Eastern with everyone sat on the floor smoking bubbly pipes. The Bamboo one had a range of about six interesting bottled beers, one of which was a rather nice stout.
Just a note about Polish beers: apart from the brewpubs above which seem to be normal (5.0%) strength, most big brand pilseners are between 5.5 - 6.0% so they can catch up on you.

On a lighter note: a lot of brewers also brew a porter at 8%, it is usually bottled and this is worth trying if you can find it, supermarkets will have it if you can't find it in a bar.

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