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Al Biscione Caf
Via del Biscione
(Campo de' Fiori)
Al Biscione CafA bar just off Campo de' Fiori, the square which is supposed to have the best nightlife but this appears to apply to two bars: "Sloppy Sam's" and the "Drunken Ship" which just get full of student types (not for me at all). Al Biscione Caf stocks a lot of foreign bottled beers, I can't remember how many but it must be about 30-50. Admittedly most of these are just unremarkable lagers, but several of them are Belgian and at fairly reasonable prices. Well worth a visit.
Antica Rosticceria Pizzeria
Via di Tor Millina
(Piazza Navona)
Antica RosticceriaA good reasonably priced pizzeria which also has in stock a choice of about seven or eight bottled beers, some of which are unusual. I chose a "G. Menabrea e Figli" Ambrata (amber) which was very nice, just like English beer. The pizzas are good too, I got a plateful and a beer for 6 (by the time I took the picture I'd eaten most of it).
Bar San Calisto
Piazza San Calisto
Bar San CalistoA very good cheap local bar, there's no special beer but 66cl bottles of Peroni beer are just 2.50. When I decided to go to this place I thought it would be full of winos, but I was pleasantly surprised it was just full of normal people. There were no seats inside, you had to sit on the terrace. Though there is a sort of games room to the right with some furniture in it. Ladies watch out, there's no lock on the toilet door, you have to use your foot (and shout).
Bir & Fud
Via Benedetta, 23
Bir & FudA recently opened sister bar to "Ma Che Siete Venuti a F" (below), and it is just about opposite. They have on tap about 10 beers, all from Italian microbreweries, including a very good "De Borgo Impirial Staut" (correct spelling) on a hand pump. The draught beers are all 4 for 35cl which is not cheap but some of them are 8%. They also sell bottles. I can thoroughly recommend this bar as a "must visit". The rear of the bar is devoted to the restaurant but I can't comment on this as I didn't eat there.
Brasserie 4:20
Via Portuense, 82
(Trastevere - South)
Brasserie 4:20It's a bit of a walk to get to this place but it's well worth it, they have on tap about a dozen different beers from different countries. Sometimes they have beers from the Italian microbrewer "White Dog" but unfortunately not when I was there. The staff are enthusiastic and will give tasting notes on any of the beers. It is quite expensive at 6 a pint but try and get these beers anywhere else in Rome, except perhaps at the "Ma Che Siete Venuti a F" (below). They also have a free aperitivo buffet but I just missed it.
Jonathan's Angels
Via della Fossa, 16
(Piazza Navona)
Jonathan's AngelsI did visit this place in 2005, the main attraction is the toilets which have statues and a waterfall in them. The walls are also covered with lots of angel related stuff, pictures of the owner etc.. They had an amber beer from quite an unusual brewery as well as a lager when I was there and I remember it being much better than lager. I called this year (2009) but it was not open, it only opens evenings and I was too busy elsewhere in the evening
L'Oasi della Birra
Piazza Testaccio, 41
L'Oasi della BirraI got the metro to Testacchio and walked to here, but when I got there I couldn't see any obvious beer bar. The interior just seemed to be a wine bar. I considered sitting outside and asking but with waiter service you never know how long that will take, and as I've read reports that their beer list is longer than the beers they actually have, and that it's expensive, I gave it a miss. I later read that the beer bar is downstairs, maybe I missed a good place, who knows?
Ma Che Siete Venuti a F
Via di Benedetta, 25
Ma Che Siete Venuti a FThe best bar in the Trastevere (apart from maybe Bir & Fud), they have 11 beers on tap from Belgium, Germany etc., and also from Italian microbrewers. The two Italian ones I tried were good, an IPA and a stout. They also stock up to 24 bottled Belgian beers. If you get there early the bartender will describe and recommend beers for you. Later on it can get a bit too busy for this though, especially if there is a football match on the TV, football being the only downside (for me). It's never crowded though, as you can spill out onto the street as long as you don't go too far.
Senza Fondo
Via Germanico, 168c
Senza FondoA bar selling only Belgian beers, I walked there from the Vatican museums on the off chance one afternoon, but as you can see it was closed. I found out that it only opens on an evening, like a lot of these specialist bars. If you are in the area it is worth a visit though for the beer range. If you're interested, the name translates as "bottomless".
Tree Folk's
Via Capo D'Africa, 29
Tree Folk'sA small bar near the Colosseum with a range of 10 beers, mainly German with a few British. Yet again, as you can see it is closed in the daytime, maybe next time?
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