Reims Bars

Black Face
81 Place Drouet d'Erlon
Black FaceThe best of the Irish bars in my opinion, it doesn't feel too Irish (more French) and they have a small selection of Belgian beers, including draught "Cuvée des Trolls" when I was there. It is a long dark place inside and has a cosy bar feel to it. Like all but two of these bars it is on the main street "Drouet d'Erlon", which is lined with bars, not all of which I had time to visit.
James Joyce
78‑80 Place Drouet D’Erlon
James JoyceThis is a good place to sit outside on a lunchtime and they do a good range of food. It is very spacious inside and more typycally Irish with wooden flooring etc.. I didn't visit on a night though because friends had just come from the place with a story of some people arguing over the bill. We didn't get overcharged at lunchtime though?
Les 3 Brasseurs
73 Place Drouet d'Erlon
 - Brewpub - 
Les 3 BrasseursThis is a large place which is like every other brewpub anywhere in the civilised world; exposed brick walls, copper brewing vessels and bland beer. It is not a bad place to go for a change though. It appears to be mainly restaurant oriented, but you can still just come for a drink if you like. The seating area outside is quite large.
132 Rue de Vesles
L'EscaleThis is the best pub in Reims by far. They have the largest selection of beers available of any of the pubs (50-100 maybe). These are mainly Belgian but there are a few rare local ones on the menu as well. The place attracts the young, mainly because of the (not bad) music they play I think. It is not on the main drag but is well worth seeking out. Sorry but the exterior picture was taken when it was closed (on a Sunday night).
The Glue Pot
49 Place Drouet d'Erlon
The GluepotThis is quite a large plush place with an upmarket feel, the front is not wide but it goes a long way back. It is all booths with red leather seating. The meals are reasonable and very good, and they have a small range of Belgian bottles. Strangely the strongest of them, the Ingelmunster Kasteel (11% vol) was the cheapest. They are open on Sunday nights.
The Kilberry
182 Rue de Vesles
 I didn't get to this Irish bar, mainly because it is quite a way from the main drag, but I've included it here as the guide books say that it is the place that all of the locals drink in. I would have liked to have visited but just didn't have the time, maybe next time?
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