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Baráčnická Rychta
Tržište 23
Baráčnická RychtaA hard to find bar in among all of the embassies. It reminds me a bit of the "Philharmonic" in Liverpool, though the toilets aren't nearly as impressive. They serve 5 different types of "Svijany" beer plus "Pilsner Urquell" and the food is good, and cheap.
Branická Formanka / Branický Sklípek Restaurace
Vodicková 26
Branická Formanka / Branický Sklípek RestauraceThis place used to be an outlet for the microbrewer "Branik" and stocked 12o& 10o light, and a tmavé/černé (dark), however Branik is now just an ordinary mass market lager. Branická Formanka (the bar) does get full of locals as it is right near the tram stops on Vodicková. It looks as though it has been recently renovated but this does not seem to have affected the regular clientele. Branický Sklípek Restaurace is a restaurant next door.
Klášterní Pivovar
Strahovské Nádvoří 10
 - Brewpub - 
Klášterní PivovarA brewpub incorporated into the monastery. This is definitely a tourist place with prices to match but the "St Norbert" beers are good, they brew an amber, a dark and specials. The beer garden is a nice place to sit in the sun and they also do meals.
Novoměstský Pivovar
Vodicková 20
 - Brewpub - 
Novoměstský PivovarThis is not really a pub, it is a restaurant. It is a huge multi roomed place with different rooms on every floor, however long queues still form on a Saurday night. The prices on the menu outside looked reasonable, maybe one reason why it is so popular. They brew two different beers but when I asked the doorman if It was possible to drink without eating I was politely told "No, is resturant". Maybe next time I will aim to eat there?
Pivní Galerie
U Průhonu 9
Pivní GalerieThis is a fantastic place, it is a beer shop, stocking hundreds of Czech beers (cheap) and several Belgian ones (expensive). The best thing about it though is that it has a tasting room attached, so you just pick your beer and drink it there. They also have two draught taps with microbrews on. It is a bit of a trek out of the city but trams stop nearby, I walked from the Technical Museum though, which was closed for renovation, and I did need a drink by the time I got there.
Pivovarský Dům
Lípová 15
 - Brewpub - 
Pivovarský DůmThis brewpub specialises in flavoured beers: cherry, nettle, coffee etc. and serves very generous portions of traditional Czech meals at reasonable prices. They also brew the normal range of beers, I tried the normal Svetle and it was good and very citrusy. I thoroughly recommend eating here but I think you can just drink in the front bar if you want.
Pivovarský Klub
Křižíkova 17
 - Brewpub - 
Pivovarský KlubThis is a sister pub to the Dům and, as you can see, it looks similar from the outside. This is more of a pub though, they have six different (and I mean different) draughts on (the weissbock was very good) and also stock hundreds of bottles. It is very modern inside and the staff are very prompt and helpful, unlike a lot of more traditional places. If you feel peckish just order something from the menu and it will arrive very quickly. Like the Dům, the portions are generous and I can also thoroughly recommend eating here.
U Bubeníčků
Myslíkova 8
 I didn't get there but I've listed it as it is a "tankova" (tank) pub for Pilsener Urquell and it is just around the corner from "U Fleku" (below). Beer from "tankova" pubs is unpasteurised and you can taste the difference, "you can really taste the hops!" as they say.
U Bulovky
Bulovka 17
 - Brewpub - 
U BulovkyAlso known as the Richter Brewery. I've not been there but I've listed it as it is a brewpub which brews lots of different beers, including Czech, German and English styles, maybe I will visit next time. (Photos by John Magson)
U Černého Vola
Loretánské Náměstí 1
U Černého volaThe "Black Ox" is a traditional Czech tavern in the castle area serving Velkopopovický beer. The guide books say that it is a popular locals' bar but when I was there tourists were in the majority. It is still a good bar because of its history. The waiter was prompt but glum, as is typical in these places (glum I mean, they're not always prompt).
U Fleků
Křemencova 11
 - Brewpub - 
U FlekůThis is the oldest, best, most touristy and most expensive brewpub in Prague. The prices here are twice what is charged elsewhere an you only get 0.4l. It is still a must visit though a the beer is so good. It is a dark beer and unlike most other dark beers here does not taste overwhelmingly of caramel. There are many rooms inside but they don't always use them at once. When I was there last the beer garden was closed even though the weather was very warm. Once you find a seat a waiter will keep bringing you drinks until you tell him to stop. Another waiter will bring you shots of the local "Becherovka", refuse these as each one will cost you about Ł3 (they're Ł1 everywhere else). Sometimes they have an accordion player accompanying the drinkers. They also do a range of excellent meals, they're not the cheapest in town but they won't break the bank.
U Hrocha
Thunovská 10
U HrochaA typical locals' bar in a street just off the route to the castle from Charles Bridge. I went in but all the seats were full so didn't stay for a drink.
U Kocoura
Nerudova 2
U KocouraAnother typical locals' bar right on the street to the castle from Charles Bridge. I didn't go in as it was too sunny to sit inside, I planned to go back later but didn't get around to it.
U Medvídků
Na Perštýne 7
 - Brewpub - 
U MedvídkůThis is really two (or more) bars in one, the right hand side houses a large traditional Czech tavern with bench seating and the left hand side houses a small bar serving Budvar light and dark and their own brew "Old Gott". The Old Gott is okay but a bit caramelly. The Budvar bar can stay open until 3am. They also brew a 13% vol "X-Beer" and you can visit the brewery right at the back of the room on the right, it is a long way back passing through another room seemingly full with a coach party. There is also cabaret room but I kept away from this. The food is cheap but I felt that my Goulash could have contained a little more meat, there was plenty of bread though and they didn't appear to charge extra for this (or if they did it wasn't much)
U Pinkasů
Jungmannovo Náměstí 15/16
U PinkasůThis is a good Pilsner Urquell "tankova" pub near the bottom of Wenceslas Square. It is huge inside with bars on all levels and also some nice outdoor seating. The service is glum. The downstairs bar stays open late, the others don't
U Vejvodů
Jilská 4
U VejvodůThis is a good traditional style bar that has been almost completely taken over by tourists. It is very cosmopolitan though and has a good atmosphere. Pilsner Urquell and Tmavý (dark) Velkopopovický are available and the service is not as glum as some others. It is also open very late.
U Zlatého Tygra
Husova 17
U Zlatého TygraThis is supposed to be the oldest locals' bar in Prague and Bll Clinton has visited. It is fiercely defended as a locals bar though and all of the seats are reserved for them from 6pm onwards, you can't blame them really. If you go in earlier and can find a seat a waiter might bring you a drink. I got one (in fact two) brought but I have friends who have visited and were ignored so walked out. I was charged 80Kc (Ł2.70) for the two drinks though and thought this price a litle high. Sure enough when I checked the prices on their website on my return, I discovered that I should have been charged 52Kc (Ł1.70). If I'd checked before I went I would have argued. Watch out for this in Prague!
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