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Beer Palace
Holmens Gate 3
A pub in the Akker Brygge area which has a large beer selection. It is located one street back from the harbour front. The only trouble with this place is that, in common with other establishments in this area, it is very expensive.
Den Gamle Majors Lab
Bogstadveien 66
A pub in the Majorstuen area which is done out quite well inside with a laboratory theme and also has a glass floor with a light up crypt inside. I think it closes at 10pm so get there early. It is a bit of a walk (or tram ride) from Vigeland/Frogner park and near to the excellent tram museum.
Grensen 9
A pub next to "Muddy Waters" which supposedly has free rock concerts sometimes but there wasn't one on when I visited unfortunately. Still it's worth checking out just in case.
Parkveien 12
More of a restaurant than a pub but you are not forced to order anything to eat. They have a large selection of bottles beers from Belgium, Germany etc., however like all of these places, the bottled beers aren't cheap. They have an outdoor seating area which catches the sun and is very popular. It is on the top right hand corner of the Slottsparken, just over the road from Coch's Pensionat.
Toftesgate 69
A place which is hard to find but all the better for that. You have to go under an archway and into a courtyard to find it. It is decorated with junk inside and you sit on aeroplane seats (if you can get a seat). It has a very friendly atmosphere and the beer prices are "medium".
Muddy Waters
Grensen 13
A bar/nightclub which is open late and has live blues(ish) bands on most nights. It is £9 entrance on Friday and Saturday and it gets very full, but other nights are free and not so busy. The audience can join in the band on stage on a Sunday night. The beer prices are normal (£5).
Latest News: Closed Summer 2008 because of refurbishing of the building it was located and it will not be opened again. - Thanks to Tor Weatherstone for this info.
Grønlandsleiret 15
A must see place, just like Brian Potter's "Phoenix Club". Live music every night: one organ and one guitar. The beer is £4 on a weekend and £2.50 other nights. It looks "Country & Western", but isn't really. The walls are covered with huge nicotine stained pictures and the central bar serves only one Lager Beer. Don't let the people hanging round the doorway put you off going inside, they are the smokers; Oslo bars are all smoke free.
Latest News: From looking at their website it appears that the place has now been competely refitted and gone upmarket as a restaurant. They do have a larger range of beers now though.
Oslo Mikrobryggeri
Bogstadveien 6
 - Brewpub - 
Sadly the only microbrewery left in Oslo now. If you want something other than "Ringnes" or "Guinness" you have to come here. They have about eight different brews to try, their original "Steamer" is very nice, as is the "Porter" and "Export". Some of the brews I find a bit too hoppy, but that's just my opinion, try them all for yourself. It's not a bad pub too, albeit a bit of a walk from the town centre. It's worth it though, just follow the road up from the top right hand corner of the Slottsparken (Hedgehaugsveien). It is not actually on the main street but on a sidestreet to the left. It also faces away from you as you walk up so look back on every sidestreet when you get near it.
Stranden 71
Supposedly a traditional fisherman's pub but it looked too new to me. I chickened out of going in after paying too much for a half in "Beer Palace". I wish I had gone in now, maybe next time?
Grønlandsleiret 2
This is the place where students (and drunks) go for cheap drinks, the prices are the same as "Olympen", £4 on weekends and £2.50 on weekdays. The big draw here though is the rather small terrace on the street, this gets full very quickly even though the inside can be quite empty. There is a jar for tips on the bar but at Oslo prices, I dont think so?
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