Mayrhofen Bars

Apropos Bar
Hauptstrasse 412
Apropos BarA nightbar, open from 8pm to 4am. It is easy to miss as it is a cellar bar with only the doorway visible from the street.
Brück’n Stadl
Ahornstrasse 850
Brück’n StadlA huge apres ski barn near the bottom of the Ahorn cable car. It gets very popular just after the slopes close. I didn't like it much as you are closed in and in the dark, and they play repetitive Austrian/Dutch disco/house stuff.
Funky’s / Rockstar Palace
Scheulingstrasse 371
Funky's / Rockstar PalaceTwo bars run by a Belgian. Hence they have a small selection of Belgian beers: Duvel Kwak, Kriek etc.. I's not a huge range but it makes a change from the usual Pils/Weiss/Schwarz. Upstairs is a bar/restaurant and downstairs is a disco but both are a bit modern for me. It never seems to get really full.
Ice Bar
Hauptstrasse 470
Ice BarAnother apres ski bar, this one's right at the bottom of the Penken gondola. This one is worse than the last one. The music is worse and it gets far too full. That's not the worst of it, it gets full of dancers, watch your drink. Most people get bottles, not as easily spilt, but I prefer a gluhwein or jagertee. I only went in once, I preferred to stay a bit longer in the bars at the top of the mountain.
Hauptstrasse 417
Mo’sAn American themed bar which is justifiably popular. They have live music (of variable quality) on certain nights. It is open throughout the day so closes fairly early (around midnight I think). Apart from the weissbier which comes in the proper sized weissbier glass, all of their glasses are smaller than the bottles you get with them, strange. You can only get a half on draught, If you want a pint you get a bottle and a small glass. If you get a 33cl schwarzbier you get an even smaller glass. Their food is very popular, though I never tried it myself as it's just (slightly overpriced) pizzas and burgers etc., but you get quite a lot.
Piccadilly Bar
Scheulingstrasse 370
Piccadilly BarThis is a small Austrian run bar, I liked this place because it felt like a bar. Also I think the rock music they played helped a bit. It's not loud though, just background. They have half litre bottles of Schwarzbier, and also serve pizzas and toasties. The only downside is that it can get a bit smoky.
Scotland Yard
Scheulingstrasse 372
Scotland YardThis is another very popular bar, it's just like a pub. It can get a bit too busy though at times. It is also non-smoking apart from small corner to the right of the doorway. They have table football downstairs, strangely on the way to the toilets. They have Schwarzbier but only in 330ml bottles, also dunkelweiss in half litres. It is open until 3am
Hauptstrasse 470
SporthotelThis is a huge hotel & sports centre containing several bars, including a grill. Live music is sometimes hosted (one man and his guitar) so it can okay for a change of venue from the other bars. It is popular, but a bit too much like a hotel lobby for my taste.
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