Liverpool Real Ale Pubs

Baltic Fleet
33 Wapping
 - Brewpub - 
Baltic FleetThis is Liverpool's only brewpub, the beers are brewed in the cellar. They brew Wapping Bitter and various specials. The building is a long narrow corner building, said to resemble the bows of a ship, but then they say that of a lot of buildings in Liverpool. It's a bit out of the centre near the Albert Dock.
Cains Brewery Tap
Stanhope Street
Cains Brewery TapThis is the place to get the full range of Cains beers, of which I am a fan. They also do brewery tours. It's a bit of a walk from the centre though.
Ye Cracke
13 Rice Street
Ye CrackeA good local bar stocking half a dozen real ales. Apparently John Lennon used to like this place. It is all separate rooms of differing sizes, one of which is listed (The War Room). I like this place and as it is not really touristy, and is well patronised by the locals.
Crown Hotel
43 Lime Street
Crown HotelJust next to Lime Street Station, this place used to be a dump but it has had a fairly recent makeover and is now quite smart, especially check out the elaborate ceiling. In fact the pub is on CAMRA's Heritage Pubs List. They only have a few real ales but what they have is good.
The Dispensary
87 Renshaw Street
The DispensaryThis is a very good corner bar which used to be called "The Grapes" (like so many others), check the signing above the bar. They stock the full Cains's range and half a dozen guest beers.
Doctor Duncan's
St Johns Lane
Doctor Duncan's Another Cains dominated place, this bar appears quite ordinary when you walk in, however check the room on the far right, it used to be part the entrance lobby of the Pearl Assurance Building, built in 1901, and the walls are all covered and tiles and mirrors, very impressive. Their Cains dominated range amounts to a total of nine beers.
Fly in the Loaf
13 Hardman Street
Fly in the Loaf This place has a very impressive old looking frontage with curved glass corners. However I wasn't as impressed with the interior, it is just too new looking, it may be okay in a few years when it gets worn in. The interior is very church-like, and tends to be very dark on a night. They do stock six real ales though, and have an impressive selection of continental bottled beers.
The Globe
17 Cases Street
The GlobeThe pub with the famous sloping floor, check the interior shot. They also have a good range of real ales on tap.
The Grapes
25 Mathew Street
The Grapes (Mathew Street)This is where the Beatles used to drink before performing at the Cavern Club. It is nothing special but it has historic interest and does stock two real ales at cheap prices (2.20 for Courage Directors). It is also open very late. The Cavern Club is opposite, however note that it is not the original one, it is a reconstruction. You may also wish to note that although the new Cavern Club (unlike the original) has a drinks licence, they don't stock real ale.
The Grapes
60 Roscoe Street
The Grapes (Roscoe Street)One of the other pubs called The Grapes, this place has several real ales on tap and seems to have a sort of South American theme going on inside. It is near to The Pilgrim (below).
Peter Kavanagh's
2-6 Egerton Street
Peter Kavanagh'sA pub on CAMRA's Heritage Pubs List which has two rooms which have remained unaltered since 1929. They have tiled floors, leaded glass and massive oil paintings covering the curved walls. It is a bit out of the centre, but near to the Anglican Cathedral, so you could combine a visit to both.
Dining Rooms

36 Hope Street
Philharmonic Dining RoomsThis place must be a contender for the most ornate and impressive interior of all time. One side is taken up with an island bar and the other side consists of two booths called Brahms and Liszt and a further large room, all of which are wood panelled with red leather seatin just like a gentleman's club. The gents' toilets are made of solid marble and coachloads of ladies visit them in the afternoons (upon prior arrangement). This place is also on CAMRA's Heritage Pubs List. As well as having the impressive architecture they stock half a dozen real ales.
The Pilgrim
34 Pilgrim Street
The PilgrimAn unusually shaped pub near to Ye Cracke (above). It has a very small courtyard beer garden just as you go through the arch, then the actual pub is downstairs. As you walk in the bar is in front of you, and to the left and right are seating areas. The one to the left has long bench seating like a bierkeller. They have a good selection of real ales.
Roscoe Head
24 Roscoe Street
Roscoe Head This is a small locals' bar separated into several rooms, not all of which have a bar. It reminds me of a railway station waiting room in the fifties. They stock three or four real ales.
Ship & Mitre
133 Dale Street
Ship & Mitre This has the largest real ale list in Liverpool, I believe, with 12-14 (not sure exactly) real ales on tap, and a vast array of continental bottled beers. They host numerous themed beer festivals throughout the year. It's laid out a bit oddly inside. The front doesn't look finished, then there is a long oddly shaped island bar, and then the back half looks like a Wetherspoons.
Swan Inn
86 Wood Street
Swan Inn This bar has the best juke box in Liverpool, mainly rock, and they stock eight real ales.
Thomas Rigby's
23‑25 Dale Street
Thomas Rigby's This bar is at the other end of Dale Street to the "Ship & Mitre", with the "Vernon Arms" being in the middle. It is very sparse inside, and, like the "Fly in the Loaf" (another Okell's pub like this one), very new looking. The ceiling is supported, unusually, by cast iron lamp post like pillars. Half a dozen or so real ales are on tap, plus continental bottles. Their food gets very good reviews.
Vernon Arms
69 Dale Street
 This one is right in the middle between "Ship & Mitre" and "Thomas Rigby's". Six real ales on tap, including four guests. I looked in the doorway but it was too full of people watching football, it was too difficult to get to the bar, and I don't like football. I don't know why I didn't take a photo, I think it was because I didn't buy a drink. It is handily placed though and I will visit again someday.
The Vines
81 Lime Street
The VinesWARNING NO REAL ALE! - I've included this place because of its listing on CAMRA's Heritage Pubs List. The interior is very impressive and a rival to the "Philharmonic", it's just a shame about the beer. It was too full inside to take any photos, check the CAMRA site instead.
White Star
2‑4 Rainford Gardens
White Star This is a fantastic place just around the corner from Matthew Street and all of its Beatles memorabilia. The front bar sports an impressive original curved bar, and an unusually places snug area in the front window. However further back the rooms are sumptuously decorated with red buttoned leather seating and pictures of old liners covering the walls. There is also a discreet section at the back dedicated to the Beatles, apparently they were paid here after playing at the Cavern Club. They have four real ales on tap, and, unusually, are twinned with several pubs around the world.
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