La Plagne Bars

Bowling Bar
Belle Plagne
Bowling BarA lot of French ski resorts have these, a combination of a bar and a bowling alley. It's not a bad place to drink but it didn't really have a convenient happy hour so we only went in a couple of times.
Cheyenne Café
Belle Plagne
Cheyenne CaféOne of the two main bars in Belle Plagne, the other being "La Tête Inn" (below). It is decorated with Red Indian stuff and plane propellers. The propellers must be a reference to "Piper" planes of the same name. It has a happy hour from 5-7pm when the beer (lager only) was two for 5 euros, after that it is 5 euro a pint.. It is just over the road from the "SPAR", which incidentaly closes at 7pm. The only special beers they have Guinness and Desperados Tequila Beer, both on draught. They are open until 2am.
La Tête Inn
Belle Plagne
La Tête InnThe other main bar in Belle Plagne, this one is all done out like a log cabin inside. There is a choice of seating: there is a cowhide covered sofa which smells of cows a bit, and there are milk churns with wooden tops, but these are not very comfortable to sit on. The best seats are the stools at the bar made from tractor seats. They stock a small range of Belgian beer, including Chimay. The beer is 5 euros a pint, and the Chimay is the same price for a bottle. Their happy hour starts earlier than the "Cheyenne" at 4pm but it s not as cheap at 3 euros a pint. They are also open until 2pm, and every other night have live bands. It is just over the road from the "Cheyenne" and next door to the "SPAR"
Belle Plagne
 This as a bar-cum-nightclub, it is empty early on and packed later on, however after 10pm the price of the beer goes up to 10 euros a pint, what is the point? They have a compulsory cloakroom charge at all times, and if you collect your coat to go outside and smoke you have to pay again when you come back in.. We watched many arguments over this (we went in without coats as it was not far from our apartment). I wouldn't recommend this place, they do have an early happy hour but the place is dead. If you're interested I think they stay open until 4 or 5pm but I've not been there that late to find out
Spitting Feathers
Plagne Bellecôte
Spitting FeathersThis bar is just a short gondola ride down the hill from Belle Plagne, the gondola runs until about midnight. It is just like an English Pub (more or less) and makes a change from the bars in Belle Plagne. For the only bar in Plagne Bellecôte it doesn't ever get that busy though. They do have Hoegaarden on draught though, and Pilsner Uquell along with several other lagers. They also have bottled Speckled Hen, but they are only 33cl bottles and are quite expensive, 5-6 euros I think.
Igloo Bar
Plagne Centre
Igloo BarOne of two bars in the indoor shopping arcade, the other being the "Luna Bar" (below). It is decorated like one of those igloo bars you sometimes get outside. It is all fibreglass but it does look quite real, it's warmer though. It's not bad for a place with a cocktail bar look. They have "Affligem Blond" on draught, and an animated polar bear.
Luna Bar
Plagne Centre
Luna BarThis is the other bar in the indoor shoping arcade, it is very French and popular with the young. I think this is because they have a DJ. They have quite a range of bottled beer, including Duvel, Leffe, Kriek etc.. I did like this place because it is an authentic French bar, and because of their beer range. Like most of these places the special beers don't cost that much more than the lager.
Plagne Centre
 This bar is right at the top of the village, and is run by a Dutchman. It doesn't seem to get that much trade, but like all of these places, sometimes they are full, sometimes they are empty, it depends on what the holiday reps have planned out for people. They only have lager on tap but the barman does have a stock of good Jenever, this is Dutch gin but it is quite different from English gin, it is not nearly as perfumy.
Latest News: After being up for sale for a while I've been informed that it has now been bought and is to be renamed "The Mouth" (Quote from new owner: "It's going to be a crazy bar. It's worth a good few beers").
Scotty's Bar
Plagne Centre
Scotty's BarThis bar is right on the edge of the slopes, this is another of those sometimes full, sometimes empty places. It is popular with young British studenty types. It's not a bad place for a change, even though they only have one lager on tap.
La Mine
Plagne 1800
 This place is decorated inside with old mining gear. It looks like a recent refit and is very well done, it's a shame I didn't have my camera. There are three or four mining trucks which serve as tables and the walls are covered with the stuff. The only trouble with this place is that it is stuck out on its own in Plagne 1800. Free buses run all night between the villages though, but don't miss the last one.
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