Copenhagen Bars

Klareboderne 14
Bo-Bi-BarThis is the home of Copenhagen's oldest bar counter. It is surely worth a look in just to see that. No draught beer is sold, but they have a modest bottled range. The bar counter didn't look all that impressive to me, as it's just plain wood and formica, but overall the place is cosy and has a slightly upmarket feel with subdued lighting and candles on the tables.
BrewPub København
Vestergade 29
 - Brewpub - 
BrewPub KøbenhavnA brewpub not far from the town hall square. Turn left immediately after entering the courtyard and go down the steps. They brew a good selection of different types of beer. I can recommend the original brew "Weissbier", and the "Cole Porter Stout". The trouble is that it is expensive at £5.50 for 0.5l so it will cost quite a bit to try all of the brews. There also is a restaurant on the right at the bottom of the stairs.
Bryggeriet Apollo
Vesterbrogade 3
 - Brewpub - 
Bryggeriet ApolloA brewpub near the Tivoli (and the station). They brew one regular brew, a sort of a mix between lager and beer, not distinctive but OK. Not worth £3 for a half though. They also brew seasonal brews (such as Påskebryg) and specials, of which I can recommend the "Chocolate Stout". It is a nice light and airy bar with the copper brewing vessels in full view in the middle of the place, but unfortunately the beer is way overpriced. If you just want a drink go in the afternoon as it is predominantly a restaurant at night.
Byens Kro
Møntergade 8
 A bar in the Amsterdam style (mismatched furniture), it has a real pub atmosphere and has a good range of draught beers including three from Danish micros. I've always found this place a bit difficult to find but maybe that's just me, though all the streets do seem to look alike in the area. I rate this place highly as a pub, but just wish they stocked a few more microbrewers' beers, stocking three is still commendable though and higher than average compared to a lot of other bars.
Charlie's Bar
Pilestræde 33
Charlie's BarThis used to be best beer bar in Copenhagen (it hasn't got any less good but now faces serious competition from newer bars). There are at least 6 handpumps serving real ale from England. The 6 beer barrels can be seen behind a window in the alcove on the way to the toilets, the 6 coming next can be seen on the opposite side of the alcove. They also have about ten other beers from around the world. It is the only pub in Copenhagen (and only one of two in Denmark) to have "Cask Marque" accreditation and it has a real pub feel to it. Highly recommended.
Den Tatoverede Enke
Boltens Gaard
Gothersgade 8B

 A Belgian beer bar, and a good one. They have about 20 beers on draught and lots more bottled. If you want Belgian beer in Copenhagen, this is the place to go to. The pub is in a courtyard down an alley, but there is usually a "Belgo Bar" sign on the pavement when it is open. Inside it is very Danish ie. minimalist, and candles on the tables. I'm not sure I like this style myself but the place does not seem pretentious and the staff are knowledgeable and keen to help. There is also a (reputedly very good) restaurant upstairs.
Drop Inn
Kompagnistræde 34
Drop InnJazz/blues/folk cafe. Music starts later than at "Mojo's" (below) and the entrance is only £3. The music is more varied than at "Mojo's" but I thought the decor was a bit modern and it didn't have much atmosphere for me. The beer range is quite extensive though. It gets very full at weekends and the bouncer starts playing God, letting his friends in before others and only charging who he wants to, this put me off the place a bit.
Vesterbrogade 3
 - Brewpub - 
FærgekroenA brewpub inside the famous Tivoli gardens. They brew two beers, a normal lager and an amber lager, both are unfiltered. The beer is very good and has a lot more taste than lager usually has. It has a good setting on the lake and has a restaurant attached. The only downside is the price which is about £5.50 for 0.4l. The only other place I've seen pumps for the beer is in the "Scala" theatre bar opposite the Tivoli main gate but I don't know how much it was as both brews were off when I enquired.
Heidi's Bier Bar
Vestergade 18A
Heidi's Bier BarBilled as an Austrian bierstube, and not a bad imitation of one with bar staff in traditional costume and accompanying music. They advertise as having lots of different biers but in reality the majority of these are international lagers. They do have various weissbiers though, and Hoegaarden, Chimay and Duvel. It is not bad as a pub, just a tad on the studenty side. It is just over the road and along from BrewPub København.
Hviids Vinstue
Kongens Nytorv 19 kld
 Supposedly the oldest bar in Copenhagen. It certainly looks old, and is very characterful inside with lots of different connecting rooms to explore. The draught range is limited, but I did read afterwards that they have a large bottled range, this wasn't obviously on display so I can't verify this, you'll just have to ask. It is worth a visit though, for the history and atmosphere, it feels like you have gone back in time.
Lord Nelson
Hyskenstræde 9
Lord NelsonThis fantastic basement real ale pub is on a sidestreet off Strøget. Inside it is basic but cosy, and they always have on draught 14 brews from Danish microbreweries, check their website for the latest list. The prices are reasonable (for Copenhagen) too. If you want to sample a variety Danish real ales you need look no further than this place. For all its merits though, it never seems to get full, I can't work out why, maybe it is beacuse it is south of Strøget (the main street) and most of the other pubs are north?
Løngangstræde 21C
MojoLive blues music starts at 10pm and before then there is a half-price beer from 8-10pm, which really makes a difference in Copenhagen. Entrance is usually £6 at weekends but free on other nights. The place is hard to spot from the street and it is very smoky and cramped inside but has a good atmosphere. There is a sign on the door saying "You can't play the blues in an air conditioned room". This is the best blues place in Copenhagen. The beer range is limited but they do serve Tuborg Hvede (a top fermenting German style weissbier). The music can go on till 3am.
The Moose
Sværtegade 5
The MooseAn interesting local bar next door to "Wessels Kro" (below) with a moose's head mounted on the wall inside. Not much of a beer selection but it is a good cosy local bar, maybe just a little "studenty", but not too much. There are all night happy hours Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with beer at £1.50 a pint, not surprisingly, it gets very full of young people on those nights and can be a little cramped.
Nørrebro Bryghus
Ryesgade 3
 - Brewpub - 
Nørrebro BryghusA brewpub housed in a 19th century metal factory. Very modern inside, brick and metal. They brew a very impressive range of beer styles in house, all of which are good, over 13 in all. For the price of a pint you can get four different 10cl samples just to make sure that you can try them all. For details of the beers see their website. They also have a good range of imported bottles, particularly French "bière de garde" which is unusual to see outside of France. If you are in Copenhagen you must visit this place (it's worth the walk).
Nyhavn 17
Nyhavn 17
Nyhavn 17Situated on the harbour front in line with all of the other "touristy" restaurants and bars, this one is the most pub like (not like a restaurant), as it has been a pub since 1936. As well as the draught beers: Tuborg, Guinness etc., they have a small range of Belgian bottles. If you visit the harbour this is a good place to stop for a rest. There are seats outside in summer. Incidentally if you are in the harbour area and are hungry there is a good cheap Thai take-away on one of the streets branching off to the left further down the street, there are a few tables inside as well.
Elmegade 2
ØlbarenA specialist beer bar in the "Nørrebro Bryghus" vacinity with beers from Danish micros on draught, along with bottled beers from Belgium, Britain, Germany, and Czech Republic. It is quite small and tends to attract beer connoisseurs but it still has a good atmosphere. The barman seems to a lot about the beers he is serving, just ask for what type you like and he will find you one. It is not open during the day though and is closed Mondays. I can highly recommend this place for its range of beers.
Old English Pub
Vesterbrogade 2B
Old English PubNot a bad place, more like a large London pub than anything else. It's handy as it's near most of Copenhagen's tourist hotels but is a bit full of expats. There are a two other bars on the same block, the "Scala Theatre" bar and "Rosie McGee's" (below).
Ørsted Ølbar & Cafe
Nørre Farimagsgade 13
 I went into this place on a Sunday night and was the only person in there for a while. Copenhagen is very quiet on Sundays. Still it deserves a mention for its large range of beer. It advertises itself as a sports bar so is a good place to go if you feel the need to watch some sport. It is a bit of a walk out of town, on the edge of Ørsted Park, but it is not too far.
Mysundegade 28
 A former wine bar which now stocks a large range of beers as well. The only problem with this place is that it is stuck a bit in the middle of nowhere. It is on the way to the Carlsberg brewery, however, and there are quite a few (cheaper than Strøget) kebab shops on the way back.
Frederiksborggade 48
plan·bThis is a strange modern cafe which is just a bit out of town, however it is on the way to Ølbaren and Nørrebro Bryghus, it closes at 10pm so call in on the way there. Some of the the beer pumps are in the window instead of behind the bar and an impressive range of beer is served both on draught and in bottles. The barman is very helpful and knew a lot about each beer he sold. The furniture is all different as if from a junk shop, like you get in an Amsterdam cafe, and check out the picture on the wall. There is a DJ playing strange types of music but it is not loud. I rate this place highly.


Rosie McGee's
Vesterbrogade 2A

 The decor of this place is very impressive. The bar area incorporates huge carved wood figures, fake gas lamps of all types are everywhere, and the fans on the ceiling are driven by an elaborate series of belts. A lot of money has been spent on this place to achieve the effect. The bar serves beer from the Carlsberg "Jacobsen" brewery, and the excellent Carlsberg "Semper Ardens Abbey Ale" was also on tap when I was there.
Vesterbro Bryghus
Vesterbrogade 2B
 - Brewpub - 
Vesterbro BryghusThe newest brewpub, and another in the current international trend of brewing a beer in various international styles and overcharging for them. The beer is good, if a little characterless, and it is near to all the hotels, but £6 a pint? You can buy a selection of tasters for £10, and this is the cheapest way to tick them all off your list. The place itself is very clean and new and a good place to drink in but for the price, it is all bare brickwork and the immaculate polished copper brewing equipment is on show. You get a good view of Vesterbrogade if you sit near the window.
Vinstue 90
Gammel Kongevej 90

Vinstue90This very small bar that is the only place that sells uncarbonated Carlsberg straight from the brewery. It can take 20 mins to pour and looks a bit like an ice cream cone when it arrives. Bubbles rise slowly up the glass and it keeps its head right to the end. It is also a bit hoppier than the normal Carlsberg. Gimmick or not, you decide? A lot of people buy a beer from the small but not bad bottled range while they wait, however my feeling is that it will spoil the taste of the main attraction. This is another place you must visit while in Copenhagen, make sure you ask for "Slow Beer".
Wessels Kro
Svaertegade 7
Wessels KroAn upstairs bar, above a shoe shop next to "The Moose". It is very new and clean inside with large wooden tables, and has a small selection of Belgian beers on draught. Not a bad place to visit.
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