Brussels Bars

À la Bécasse
Rue De Tabora 11
À la BécasseThe first of three bars in the same area north of the Grand Place down alleyways. This one serves draught faro, which is lambic sweetened with sugar, it is flat and comes in a stone jug. Their bottled beer range is also quite extensive.
À la Morte Subite
Rue des Montagnes aux Herbes Potagères 7
À la Morte SubiteThe name means "sudden death", the name of a card game played in days of old. There is also a range of beers with the same name which are available here, and elswhere. The range consists of gueuze, kriek, framboise, cassis etc.. This is a grand "fin de siècle" cafe which goes back a long way inside. Their beer range is extensive.
Au Bon Vieux Temps
Impasse St Nicholas 4
(off Rue Marché Aux Herbes 12)
Au Bon Vieux TempsThe second of the bars down alleyways, this one has an impressive stained glass window taken from an old church. Their beer range is limited to trappists and a few others but it is worth coming in here for the old world atmosphere. That's me on the left and Angus on the right.
Brasserie Cantillon
Rue Gheude 56
 - Brewpub - 
Brasserie CantillonThis is an authetic lambic brewery near the "Gare de Midi". They brew using wild yeasts of the Senne Valley. A visit including two small samples costs 6 euros.
Les Brasseurs de Grand Place
Rue de la Colline 24
 - Brewpub - 
Les Brasseurs de Grand PlaceThis as a modern brewpub in the usual style. When I went in the afternoon it was virtually empty. They brew beers in a variety of styles, the Amber is good and hoppy like an IPA, the Triple I was less impressed with. Being just on the corner of the Grande Place the prices are high.
Le Cirio
Rue de la Bourse 18-20
Le CirioThis place has a very impressive "fin de siècle" interior and the food's not bad. The beer range is modest. As this is/was an Italian run place their speciality is a half and half mix of wine and spumante, strange?
Delirium Café & Floris Bar
Impasse de la Fidélité 4A
Delirium CaféSupposedly stocks 2,000 beers but I wasn't that keen on this place, it is too big and full of studenty tourists. The downstairs bar hosts bands and when they do the prices increase accordingly. The Floris Bar opposite is cosier and stocks a large selection of absinth(e)s, be very careful with this as it is 70-90% proof.
Estaminet Toone
Impasse Schuddeveld 6
Estaminet TooneA strange characterful place, this is a bar actually in a puppet theatre. You can sit in the theatre itself and see the seats that fold out from the back wall. I've never seen the show but it is supposedly done in the old Bruxellois dialect. Their beer range is modest (about a dozen).
La Fleur en Papier Doré
Rue des Alexiens 55
La Fleur en Papier DoréA good old unchanged local bar that Rene Magrite used to drink in. The beer range is modest but go for the history and atmosphere.
L'Imaige de Nostre Dame
Impasse Des Cadeaux
(off Rue du Marché aux Herbes 8)
L'Imaige de Nostre DameThe third of the bars down alleyways, this one has the most impressive beer list.
Rue Du Chêne 5
PoechenellekelderThis is a very upmarket feeling bar but the prices are reasonable (for Brussels). They have an extensive beer list, which includes beer from small local breweries and the staff know what they are talking about. The walls of this place are covered in mannekins and puppets, nice to see but creepy.
La Porte Noir
Rue des Alexiens 67
La Porte NoirA quite spacious cellar bar next to "La Fleur en Papier Doré" with a large beer range. It is popular with young locals, possibly because of the happy hours.
Rue des Renards 9
RestobièresThis is a restaurant (booking advisable) which serves local Bruxellois fayre. It is run by Alain Fayt and he likes to match the dishes he serves with the corresponding beers. He also collects coffee-grinders, meat-mincers and cheese-graters etc..
Het Warm Water
Rue des Renards 25
Het Warm WaterAn outlet for Giradin lambic, gueuze etc..
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