Barcelona Bars

Belchica Bar
Villaroel 60
 A bar specialising in Belgian beers, unfortunately I didn't get time to go there as it is a bit out of the way, maybe next time. I'm not sure if it is in the gay area though and it is purple inside?
Blues Cafe
C/ Perla 37
Blues CafeA place that goes quite far back inside, with early blues playing quietly in the background. Even though it is a big place it is very smoky inside even when quiet. You get nuts with your beer, a fairly common practice, but the price of the beer seems to go up to compensate for this. (Last visit Feb 2009).
Bosc de les Fades
Passatje de la Blanca
(Barri G˛tic)
Bosc de les FadesA bar right at the sea end of the Ramblas down a sort of alley. It is decorated like a fairy grotto, complete with trees and a waterfall. I was a bit disappointed in this place as it was totally full of tourists (I know I'm one but that's different). Sometimes (if you can turn left on the way out), you can see interesting waxworks displays.
Cafe de l'Ëpera
La Rambla 74
Cafe de l'ËperaThe best bar on the Ramblas, unless you happen to like fake Irish pubs, it is opposite the Opera and is quite posh inside. They do good tapas and have a small range of Begian bottles. I must warn you though, that tapas is a very expensive way to eat, you can pay ú5 for something 3" square, they soon add up.
CafÚ del Sol
Plaša del Sol 16
CafÚ del SolA locals bar on the Placa del Sol frequented mainly by students. They have tables outside which are very popular, and there is a good cheap sit down kebab restaurant next door. (Last visit Feb 2009).
CafÚ del Teatre
Torrijos 41
CafÚ del TeatreA cosy corner bar in the Gracia area, it does have the feel of a bar. They have a small range of Belgian Bottles as well as the ubiquitous Estrella Damm. (Last visit Feb 2009).
Pl de la Revilucio 10
CanigoA good locals bar with a mixed crowd, on Placa de la Revilucio, the next square out from the Sol. Another one with a real bar feel. Cheap beer. (Last visit Feb 2009).
Cervesera Artesana
C/ Sant AgustÝ 14

 - Brewpub - 
Cervesera ArtesanaOne of two brewpubs in Barcelona, this one brews English style ales. They brew a blond, a pale ale and a stout. O've tried them all and to be honest there is not that much difference between them apart from colour. They all have a rather thin citrusy taste. It is done out in the usual modern style with bare brickwork and brewing equipment on show behind a big window. It seems to mainly attract locals, rather than tourists. They also have several Belgian and German beers on tap as well as a large (for Spain) bottled range. (Last visit Feb 2009).
Latest News: For 2009, a bottling plant has just appeared in the corner
CervecerÝa Catalana
C/ Mallorca 236
(Poble Sec)
 A huge tapas place which goes back a long way inside. It gets very busy and was full when I was there. Their tapas is rated highly but I suppose the prices would match also. You can stand outside and just watch the world go by but I couldn't get anyone's attention just to to order a drink though so I left. I think you really need to be in a group and sit at a table, I don't know how the other people outside got their drinks.
El Nus
C/ Mirallers 5
(La Ribera)

 An interesting looking place converted from an old sweet shop, with some of the fittings and ephemara as decoration, including the original till. Their draught range included a German Altbier. I did like this place for its uniqueness.
El Xampanyet
C/ de Montcada 22
(La Ribera)
 A tapas bar specialising in Cava. Closed Mondays and Sunday evenings, which is when I went.
C/ Bellafila
(Barri G˛tic)
 A small bar with a sliding door to get in, otherwise not very "Ascensor (lift) like". A cosy place inside nevertheless and a bit different from the norm. It is apparently famous for cocktails.
La Confiteria
Sant Pau 128
(El Raval)
La ConfiteriaAn interesting looking place converted from an old sweet shop, with some of the fittings and ephemara as decoration, including the original till. The beer doesn't fit in their glasses though!. It is like the twin of El Nus, and I also like this place for its uniqueness. It is quite a long walk from the Ramblas though, through quite a rough area so be careful.
Le Journal
C/ Francisco Giner
Le JournalAn interesting small bar in the Gracia area which has the interior walls covered in old newspapers.
London Bar
Nou de la Rambla 34
(El Raval)
 A bar in the Raval district just off the Ramblas. I went because I'd read that they had live music but the barman said that they'd not had any for 2 years. Still it is quite a good bar. Don't go there late though as this area is plagued by very persistent prostitutes, as is most of the sea end of the Ramblas, I think they come out after midnight. Just keep walking (fast) as they will follow you.
C/ Sant Pau 65
(El Raval)
 Claims to be Barcelona's oldest bar. It is in the French style and they serve absinthe. It's on the way to La Confiteria and also in a rough area. It is closed Sundays, which is when I went.
C/ Francisco Giner

RelicsA rock/heavy metal bar in the Gracia area. The only bar I found that played music that I liked. It was round the corner from my hotel so I always went there for a nightcap. Franziskaner Weiss is on tap. (Last visit Feb 2009).
C/ Ferran 23
SchillingA big modern bar on a street just off the Ramblas with bookcases around the walls. I remember it being quite expensive. There are a few other bars on the same street which specialise in tapas but I can't remember their names.
Sol de Nuit
Plaša Del Sol 9
Sol de NuitMore or less next to (apart from the kebab place), but at right angles to the CafÚ del Sol, this is another locals bar which is not quite as studenty as its (sort of) namesake. It is very long and narrow inside. They also have tables outside. (Last visit Feb 2009).
Vaso de Oro
C/ Balboa 6

 - Brewpub - 
Vaso de OroThis is the other brewpub in Barcelona, it is in the Barcelonetta beach/harbour area. They brew a dark lager which I must admit is rather good for a lager. It is a very long narrow place with the bar taking up more space than the customer area. They pride themselves on the vast array of tapas and this is the main draw. The place is very busy however and gets very crowded at peak times, too busy for me. I would get in early if I were you as otherwise you won't get anywhere near the bar. Like all tapas bars the prices are steep, the beer isn't though and it's very good. (Last visit Feb 2009).
Pl de la Virreina 1
VirreinaA popular locals bar on Placa de la Virreina, the next square out from the Placa de la Republica. They have Guinness on tap and they also stock a modest range of Belgian bottles. The tables outside are popular when it is sunny. (Last visit Feb 2009).
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