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't Antwaerpse Bierhuiske
Hoogstraat 14
't Antwaerpse BierhuiskeA new beer bar which boasts 9 draught beers and 140 bottled beers. It is not for from the Grote Markt and is popular with the young. They have a diverse selection of beers and it is a pleasant place to drink in if you can get a seat. They also have a small terrace.
Café Beveren
Vlasmarkt 2
Café BeverenThis isn't a beer specialist bar, they only have abot a dozen or so beers, but the big attraction is the huge Decap Organ. It still works but on my visit was jammed on one tune, ask the staff nicely if they will turn it on. Apparently the café gets quite busy with locals but it was fairly empty when I visited on a Thusday night, maybe Friday or Saturday are busier, or Sunday afternoon.
Het Elfde Gebod
Torfbrug 10
Het Elfde GebodThis place is right next door to the cathedral, and is therefore a bit of a tourist trap. It is famous because the interior is full of religious statues and icons. They have six draught beers and about 40 bottles. It is also a restaurant but you can also just go in for a beer.
Den Engel
Grote Markt 5
Den EngelA real pub with a real pub atmosphere. It is named after the gold angel figure on the roof. The entrance is the door on the left, the one on the right is the Bengel, which means "naughty boy", This place is small, modern and characterless as far as I can tell from looking through the window. You can also sit outside in the summer on the large terrace facing the square.
Pieter Van Hobokenstraat 2
HighlanderThis is a Scottish themed pub with a large selection of whiskies. They also have a good range of beers. I've been in but have not drank there because at the time I was looking for food and the kitchen had just closed. It looked a good place to drink though, very "pub like" with wooden tables and a "bar like" bar. It is in the same general area as the Waagstuck (below) and close enough to the cathedral to be worked into a crawl.
Vleminckveld 32
KulminatorReputedly the best beer bar in Europe, if not the world. They have over 500 beers on their menu, some of them you can chose by which year they were brewed. It is quite a small place and looks more like a bistro inside than a pub, all tablecloths and candlelight, but they don't serve any food. You can just sit at the bar if you prefer though. Most of the customers seem to be international beer tourists, as opposed to just tourists, as it is not near any of the main squares. You can't go to Antwerp without visiting this place. If you look left on the way to the toilets you get a glimpse of the beer in the temperature controlled cellar.
Oud Arsenaal
Maria Pijpelincxstraat 4
Oud ArsenaalThis is another real pub with a real pub atmosphere. It is quite a small place with the bar on the left wall and tables and seats on the right. The interior walls seem to be almost completely covered with old beer ads etc.. Also, something to look out for is the pair of skis in the toilets. Their beer range is quite modest but they are unusual in that they specialise in Geuze, Kriek, Frambozen etc (the rarer, less commercial ones) . Often prawns are available as snacks. There are a few tables outside at the front but these fill up quite quickly so get there early. Take note if you intend to visit that they close at 7:30pm (except Fri) and are not open at all on Thursdays.
't Pakhuis
Vlaamse Kaai 76
 - Brewpub - 
't PakhuisA modern style brewpub which brews three different types of beer: Blond (5.1%), Bruin (5.5%), and Nen Bangelijke (9.5%). I only had time to try the blond, which is unfiltered a bit like a weiss, it was okay but a bit characterless. It is very big inside (the name means warehouse), and is all bare brickwork and metal. It seems to be more of a restaurant than a pub, but when I went in on an afternoon it was very quiet, maybe it gets busier at night. It is quite a walk from the main town squares and it is not near to anything else so that puts it at a bit of a disadvantage.
Pater's Vaetje
Blauwmoezelstraat 1
Pater's VaetjeThis pub is just next to and facing the cathedral and is a nice place to sit outside when the sun is out. They have a good selection of beers, and of course the ubquitous "De Koninck", the top fermenting amber beer sold throughout Antwerp instead of the usual Pils. On an evening the place fills up with younger drinkers, much like pubs in the UK do.
De Vagant
Reyndersstraat 21
De VagantThis is an authentic genever bar which is opposite their shop, so if you find one you like you can buy a bottle. They also have a good range of beers
Stadswaag 20
WaagstukA pub in the university area, so frequented by students, but the beer range is impressive enough. They serve a limited but good range of meals, when I was last in they had wild rabbit, tuna steaks or stew on the menu as well as various pastas etc.. I think it used to be an old coaching house, and it looks like one. It is in the same general area as the Highlander.
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